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Featuring a song for every color in the rainbow and a sparkling spectrum of musical genres, this album lifts spirite while teaching hues. Pirate fans will especially enjoy “Sea Shanty,” in which a parrot squawks about feeling blue.”

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The eight original songs on this album – most named for the colors of the rainbow – form their own rainbow of musical style and moods.Songwriter Laura Freeman’s strong voice is an amazing supple match fo the wide variety of music, including Motown, Latin, ‘50s pop, slinky jazz, classic country, and zydeco.


Review of A Baker’s Dozen
Laura Freeman’s a bit of a character, the kind of musician the city of Austin seems to produce without even thinking about it. Imagine Hazel Dickens set loose on a pack of children’s songs, or Michelle Shocked singing about math, dogs and compost. There are a few hard edges on this release of folk and country songs, which is exactly why toddlers and beyond will respond to.
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OffBeat Magazine

Review of Color Wheel Cartwheel
What would colors sound if they had their own sonic identity? Those are the questions children’s entertainer Laura Freeman postulates here as each color of the rainbow becomes a song of its own as part of this educational vehicle…Though Freeman is loaded with sassy pipes, what makes this doubly fun is her vocal inflections that provide creative comedy in its own right…Color this one fun for all ages.
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Crafty Moms Share

Color Explorations: Color Wheel, Color Mixing & More!
We have been loving the music on Laura Freeman’s Color Wheel Cartwheel CD. It includes ways to say rainbow and the colors in many different languages and then a song about each color and finally a song about the rainbow of colors. It is very fun!
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Boston Children’s

Review of Somersault Season
What I like most about this CD is the movement and interaction. In the song My Brother’s a Monster, the lyrics ask you to growl, roar, shuffle around, shake your claws, and stomp…In 1, 2, 3, 4, you’re asked to touch the floor, tickle your knee, and dance! But my favorite is Can You Shake it? Get out your shaker and follow the instructions: shake it high, low, fast, slow!
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Mom’s Most Traveled

Music for Little Ears: Somersault Season
This is an adorable, eclectic CD from Laura Freeman…The music is truly delightful. Some of the tracks are more like spoken word: a whimsical introduction to poetry…You definitely don’t already have children’s music like this in your collection.
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